Friday, March 21, 2014

Where I come from…

This week has been a little slow on the research and the project in general. I have however started on researching the people that I have listed form Detroit and it has npbeen really interesting. I've learned about Joe Louis, Coleman Young and others who are an inspiration to the city. There are a lot of really cool things happening and a lot of great people in Detroit that go unnoticed because the news the people talk about in a Detroit is always bad. 

This past weekend I got a chance to go to Gleaners Food Bank with my church and it was a really great opportunity to help out in the city. There were a lot of elope from my church and from clubs at my school. We got to help out an amazing organization that helps a ton of people across the metro it Detroit region. After working we went out to lunch at a place called Green Dot Stables and it was great!  It was really cool to see a place like that, that is proud of being form Detroit and the city. 

As we were driving home, it was a really nice day so we decided to drive Belle Isle for a little while and I got to take a really cool picture with the Detroit skyline: 


  1. Hi Emma!

    I really enjoyed your post this week. It was interesting to read about all the people you have learned about while doing this project. Your enthusiasm is contagious and It looks like you had a successful trip while helping out at the food bank! Good for you!


    1. Thanks, your comments always make my day when I see them!