Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Slice of Heaven Right Here on Earth

I'm going to be blunt: if you call yourself a real Detroiter and you have not been to Lafayette Coney Island (or American) you are not a real Detroiter. I'm sorry. I'm not sorry.

This weekend my friend Alexis and I got the chance to go downtown, have lunch at Lafayette and go ice skating at Campus Martius. There are two Coney Island restaurants side by side on Lafayette Street in downtown Detroit and were founded by two brothers. The restaurants have a rivalry going today. Anyone who is a real Lafayette person, like me, will never think about going into American Coney Island. I have no wish to find out what their Coney Dogs taste like and I never will.

While these Coney Island restaurants may not look the prettiest from the outside. Lafayette Coney Island is one of my favorite places on the planet.  I have so many memories at Lafayette. We go there when my family is in town and we always have a great time. The restaurant seems like it has never been redecorated. The mint green walls are adorned with signed pictures from celebrities like Steve Yzerman to Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Granholm. They even have a picture with the Stanley Cup from when the Red Wings won.

Every time we go I think it is a miracle that all our food comes and we each get what we ordered. The waiters don't use papers, they shout our orders all the way across the restaurant, and somehow, all the correct food arrives back at our table.

After we ate a delicious meal at Coney, we headed to Campus Martius where they set up an ice rink every winter. At first we were the only ones skating and then some more people arrived an joined us. I had never been to Campus Martius before this and it was a really fun experience. There were a lot more people downtown then I thought there would be and it showed that Detroit is a way better city than people give it credit for. There were a lot of restaurants and store that were open downtown and a lot of people that were walking around. 

This was a really fun downtown adventure and I got to learn a lot. Other people need to know that there is a lot to do in Detroit if you have the chance. There are so many hidden gems throughout Detroit that are waiting to be discovered and that is why it is "A Little Slice of Heaven Right Here on Earth"

Over break I added a secton to my website about people that have to do with Detroit. Right now you can check out fun facts about some Detroit sports stars. Please visit


  1. Hi Benna,
    My name is Carley and I am currently a junior at the University of Saint Joseph in CT studying Special Education with Elementary Certification. I will be your blog pal until the end of the semester! I look forward to reading about Detroit history! I can't wait to read more in weeks to come!

  2. I was going back on my posts and just saw that I addressed you as Benna! I am terribly sorry for this! I keep track of two other blogs as well and might have mixed up the comments.