Friday, December 13, 2013

What I've Really Learned

     As usual today in class we had the whole period to work on our 20 Time projects, because we are nearing the end of the first semester Mr. Provenzano began to talk about how the presentations we will be giving at the end of the year will not be about what we actually did with our projects but what we learned. As I was listening to this I was thinking, so far what the  heck have I learned, well I told my self I have learned a ton of things:

  • The Fist (Joe Louis) was commissioned by the magazine Sports Illustrated for the DIA's 100 Anniversary
  • Woodward Ave. was named for Augustus B. Woodward who was friends with Thomas Jefferson and was known for being a slob and having a large nose
  • Before they were the Red Wings Detroit's hockey team was known as the Detroit Cougars and the Detroit Falcons
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts was dedicated on my birthday, October 7th 
  • the story of how Vernors was created 
  • and many more...
     But,  as much as I want it to be, those are not what this project is all about. It's about the lessons that can be learned and what we can take away from our projects that can help us throughout our lives. What I really have learned during this project is not to give up. Detroit has obviously fallen on incredibly tough times, violence and lack of money are two huge factors, that does not mean that Detroit should be overlooked. Too many people just assume it is a city full of murderers and drug dealers, which it might be. There are too many buildings, beautiful places and wonderful things going on that get overshadowed by all the bad things that make the news and are what everyone hears about. This is a lesson that so many people, including myself can learn from. So many times we are so quick to judge people and places based on what we think we know about them but the truth is that really, you don't know anything about them until you spend some time with them. People have seemed to give up on Detroit and think that it can never be the city that it once was, the official Latin mottos of the City of Detroit are Seperamus Meilora and Resurget Cineribus which mean "we hope for better things" and "it shall rise from ashes" respectively. I think that these are some of the best mottos that the founders of the city could have ever come up with. No matter what happens in our town we know that things can always get better and we know that no matter what Detroit is and will be great again we just have to get other people to stop thinking that what they think they know about is true. 
     People on TV channels like CNN, FOX or NBC could spend hours talking about our financial problems and what we must do to fix them. Whenever Detroit sports are on TV, the conditions in Detroit always come up. The truth is those people don't know anything about who we are. If we all spend time with someone or learn about something before we make our opinions on them them the world could be so much better. This project has helped me realize that. Just because Detroit gets a bad rep everywhere it goes doesn't mean it's really an awful place, to me its a great place that I love, and I think that if you take a better look than you will love it too. Remember not to give up on someone or something just because of what you think you know about it, always remember to learn more if you can.
     I think that this commercial by Chrysler that aired during Super Bowl XLV in 2011 sums this up very nicely. Even if you have already seen this commercial it is so worth it to watch again. This is actually slightly scary because this commercial says exactly what I said in those paragraphs up there.
     I plan on doing more with this commercial later in my project so stay tuned for that, I also do a mean impression of the choir at the end of this commercial, as usual please check out my website to learn about everyone's favorite city where the hockey team has more Stanley Cups than any other American NHL team. 


  1. This was a beautiful post. I'm a big supporter of the city and defend it wherever I go. It is going to be people like you that bring Detroit back. I forgot the motto for the city and they are perfect as you said. I think you are on the right path for your presentation. What defines a city? Blight? Poverty? Or is it its Spirit?