Friday, April 4, 2014

Ah I have no idea what to call this post!

This week we have been asked I think a lot on what our project has really been about and while I have an idea, I am not really 100% what I want to tell people and what I have learned about myself thought this project. I have learned a ton about Detroit which is on the surface why my project is about. There are tons of crazy, funny and inspirational stories throughout the history of Detroit and I want to show people that Detroit is more than just what you see on the news or hear on the Internet. 

While what I am trying to tell people, not judge something before you really experience it, is not original or unique, I am. Even in my hometown, which is right next to Detroit tons of people don't care about the city or only care about the sports, even some of my best friends. Through all my research and exploring I have gotten to love the city even more than I alread do and I think that if other people dig a little deeper they will love he city too. What everyone hears on the TV, radio and Internet is not what Detroit is all about. It is a city full of passion, excitement, great history and people. 

When people take the time to get to know someone or something how they feel about it can turn around. What someone in Chicago and what I think about Detroit are completely different and  just because people have heard things about Detroit does not make it an awful city. Detroit may be down, but don't count it out. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where I come from…

This week has been a little slow on the research and the project in general. I have however started on researching the people that I have listed form Detroit and it has npbeen really interesting. I've learned about Joe Louis, Coleman Young and others who are an inspiration to the city. There are a lot of really cool things happening and a lot of great people in Detroit that go unnoticed because the news the people talk about in a Detroit is always bad. 

This past weekend I got a chance to go to Gleaners Food Bank with my church and it was a really great opportunity to help out in the city. There were a lot of elope from my church and from clubs at my school. We got to help out an amazing organization that helps a ton of people across the metro it Detroit region. After working we went out to lunch at a place called Green Dot Stables and it was great!  It was really cool to see a place like that, that is proud of being form Detroit and the city. 

As we were driving home, it was a really nice day so we decided to drive Belle Isle for a little while and I got to take a really cool picture with the Detroit skyline: 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pewabic Pottery

This week I did a ton of research, which is great for my project, but kind of boring to blog about. I have decided to dedicate at least a portion of the time in my tutorial to working on the project. Doing this I have gotten a ton or research done. I have been able to cross off a bunch of things on my list that I just haven't gotten around to researching. I learned all about the Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit River and the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. Along with all of these I also went through a history of Detroit and got at ton of people and places to learn about.

Yesterday I also got a chance to go to Pewabic Pottery on Jefferson in Detroit. Pewabic Pottery was founded in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Sttratton. It is the Midwest's only historic pottery and still makes pottery today. Some places where the pottery can be found are the Guardian Building in Detroit, the Nebraska State Capitol, the National Shrine of Immaculate Concepcion in Washington D.C., Comerica Park and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

We got to walk all around the pottery, see all the tiles and products they have for sale and we got to see people at working making vases and other pottery for sale. We also go to see a museum that the pottery has dedicated to the past and present artists working there.

What was really cool about the pottery was all the Detroit merchandise that they had. I have a tile with an Old English D on it and my mom has one with the Michigan mitten on it. We also have a Pewabic Pottery Michigan Christmas ornament. They also had a bunch of tiles with Detroit landmarks on them like the Joe Louis fist and the Ambassador Bridge. It was special to see how much they were supporting Detroit and how they were proud of where they come from.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Looking Back

This week we are supposed to rreflect back on our 20 Time Projects and think about what we like about them and what we would've done differently so here goes:

I love my project, I know that a lot of people in my class have ended up feeling uninspired by their projects or whishing they could change their projects. But the more I learn about Detroit and the more I discover through my project the more I love the city that I live near. I think that this format for 20 Time, with a blog post is a good way to keep the project going however there are some weeks when I don't do much work on my project and I really have nothing to blog about. Once the weather gets warmer (if it ever gets warmer) I think that I will be going a lot more places downtown because it hard to walk around and enjoy it when the temperatures are below freezing. 

If I could change something about my project it would be that I don't know if I would do a website to convey the information that I have learned. I feel like a website is just another history textbook to a lot of people and what I am focusing on in not mainly the history of Detroit but of really cool places and things that are in Detroit. I almost never update my website, which is a shame because I have a ton more information in my notebook than is on the website. For me, I love learning the new information  but than having to restate it all on a website is kind of boring. I am continuing to look for another avenue to make Detroit history more interesting. 

Another thing I would do over is that I would like to be more on the ball about things. I should've made more time to go downtown and see the places I am learning about. During the breaks that we have had from school I wish that I would have organized my plans better to get tours of places like Joe Louis Arena or Ford Feild and gone to museums like the Detroit Historical Museum, which I still haven't been to and I really want to go. 

I am hoping that with the future if my project I will be able to learn more to help show that Detroit is a great place. This week when I was researching I was looking at some articles that were talking about the historical factors that have lead up to all the problems that Detroit is facing today. These articles were not written by locals, they were written by random financial people that may never have even been here. Those people seen to have given up on Detroit, but this project has shown me that Detroit is a great city and we should never give up on it just because of what we have heard. Too may people hear one thing and jump to conclusions too quickly. Just because one thing about Detroit is not doing so great does not mean that all of it is awful. With this project I am hoping to show people that we can never give up. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Michigan Olympians

Since the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are ending today, I thought it would be fun to do a post about all the athletes competing that have a connection to Detroit or to Michigan in general. These are a few of the athletes that represented Michigan this year:

Jeremy Abbot:
He is a figure skater that trains at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills, he helped the US team to a bronze medal in the first ever Figure Skating Team Competition

Nick Baumgartner: from Iron River                                     Shani Davis from Marquette

Meryl Davis and Charlie White from West Bloonfeild and Bloomfeild Hills won the United States first gold medal in Ice Dancing

Team USA hockey players included Cam Fowler of Farminton Hills, Ryan Kesler of Livonia and Ryan Miller from East Lansing and Michigan State:
Unfortunately, the men's hockey team will be leaving Sochi without a medal, the team played very will in their first games, beating Russia in a shootout but decided not to show up against Canada and Finland (I am not bitter about it or anything)

From Milford is snowboarder Karly Shorr:                      and from Melvindale is speed skater Jessica Smith

Half the Ice Skating Competition trains in Michigan including the Ice Dance Silver Medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada along with teams and individuals from countries like, France, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Azerbaijan and Germany.

The Detroit Red Wings had 10 players and other officials in Sochi for various teams:
Canada: Wings coach Mike Babcock was the coach of the gold medal winning Canadian men's team, Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland was an the advisory committee and former Red Wings Captain Steve Yzerman was the General Manager for Team Canada

The Captain of the Russian Team was Pavel Datsyuk, the were eliminated by Finland in the quarterfinals

Playing for Slovakia was Red Wings Tomas Tatar and Tomas Jurco.
For Tean USA Red Wing goalie Jimmy Howard was a backup to Johnathan Quick and Ryan Miller
On the roster for the silver medalists Sweden were Red Wings: Alfredson, Ericsson, Gustavson, Kronwall and Zetterberg. Zetterberg was named the captain but had to pull out of the Olympics due to injury, he was replaced as captain by Kronwall.

You can check out a full list of Michigan Olympians and see their results at, here is where I got my list of : Michiganders in the Olympics!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Identity Crisis

This week I have been thinking a lot about the future if my project and what I want to do with all the information that I have learned. While at first doing a website seemed like a really fun idea, I have no way to make the information I am learning seem fun and exciting. When I am researching for my project I am very interested and enjoy doing it however once I have to put all the same information up on a website he job gets tedious. 

What I really want to do is make history fun for people, who don't normally enjoy it like I do. I want to try and make the information fun and relevant and I do not think that a website it the best way to do that, however I have no idea what is. Not only am I trying to make history more exciting, I want people to know that the City of Detroit is still exciting, alive and a great place to be. 

A few oft friends have suggested that I turn my historical findings into a book. While I like this idea it seems like a lot of re-writing what I have already learned just like the website. I also don't know if that would necessarily make the information more exciting and relevant. However this week I went to the library and checked out a few books about Detroit and also read a few given to be by friends. The one that made the facts the most exciting was about the Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings of the 2002 season. It was by a Detroit Free Press reporter and followed the Wings from pre-season signings to the eventual Stanley Cup Championship. While it did talk about facts the book also had a lot of funny stories and behind the scenes moments from the season. The author did a really great job of making the book not just about the hockey bur fun and engaging too. What I want to do is work on a way to keep people entertained by Detroit and help to show that it's a great place to be.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas Break

Unfortunately, this week our whole school had midterm exams so I did not get a lot of time to work on my 20 Time project. Two weeks ago, all I did was talk about my trip downtown so I didn't get a chance to talk about what I got a chance to do over Christmas break! I got a lot of research done on famous athletes that have played for Detroit teams, I added a new section on my website just for famous people from Michigan and I plan to add a ton more as my research continues. My family also went to our very first Red Wings game, at the Joe Louis Arena, and I was slightly disappointed because the Red Wings did not score a single goal and ended up losing. 

I also got to visit the DIA, and it was really crowded, which is great for the city, I got to see the Detroit Industry murals by Diego Rivera, which are all about Detroit as a city. 

And lastly the Winter Classic was played over Christmas Break and the Alumni Showdown was at Comerica Park, so after we went to the DIA, I decided to go check out the tiger! 

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