Sunday, June 8, 2014

So long from the 313

The school year is over and with that means that this 20 Time project is too. The project may be over but my love and passion for all things Detroit is not. My family seems to be more upset than I am that we no longer have an excuse to go downtown. I have learned more from the project than I ever thought thought I would not just about Detroit but about myself and life. 

My 20 Time experience was a good one and I think that was because I was passionate about my project. I chose something that I really cared about. That is a risk that you have to take when you choose your project, you never know how you will feel about something months from when choose it. What I learned from my project was not just facts but all about the spirit of the city too. 

Next year I think that students should have to write blog posts every week. While some people complained that they didn't have enough to write about in one week, for me it meant that I would do the same amount of work that I would normally do in one week, in two. Which resulted in less work on my behalf. I also think that at the semester students should have to give a mini-presentation based on their project so far to prepare them more for the final presentation at the end. That way they know they will have an idea of what they want to talk about and will have practice speaking about their projects. Lastly, somehow I think that student should be given a longer time to think about what they want their projects to be. The reason I was so successful in my project was that I loved it and I am passionate about the city of Detroit. I know that we had until October to choose our projects and people were still allowed to change so I'm not sure the exact solution to this problem but I do think more students would've had a better time if they had been as passionate as I was. 

I think that the aspect of 20 Time that should not be changed is the blog posts the blog would sometimes force me to work on my project so I would actually have something to write about-- it would remind me to work. 

I think that 20 is something that should be offered to students but it should be optional, as in its own class because there are a lot of people (myself included sometimes) that blew off the time we were given in class and did not do work and sometimes I would not work on my project for a week and then do a ton of work at once. The problem was because 20 Time was never "due" it would always get pushed to the bottom of my homework pile and I would constantly say "i'll do it later" and because of that I did not get as much done as I could of. 

To any student doing a 20 Time project in the future: do not choose a project because you think it will be easy. Choose something that you are passionate about even if it means that you change your project 14 times. It is much more important to do something you love than to labor though something you hate just because you want to stick with it. The reason I loved my project so much was because I love history and I love Detroit, that is what made me so successful. 

At the TEDx event I was glad I got to speak even though I was an alternate. I was so nervous about the whole thing because usually I hate public speaking but I was super proud of my speech and all the work that I put into it and making a great speech. I will also be better prepared for public speaking in the future. The actual event was fun, it was cool to see all the speeches that I had heard about, some of them were a little repetitive but I was proud of how well all the speakers did. I think that the school should consider hosting an event like this again but i'm not sure if this should be an annual event because I know I was a lot of work for a lot of people and we will have to see how people react to all the talks that were put out on the internet and what people think. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Chicago and Detroit

This week I was going to talk about the talk that I gave on Monday that summed up my whole project for the year (sorry Mr. Provenzano) and I think I went great and I am really proud of myself because usually I get really nervous to give presentations, but, this weekend I discovered something much more important.

This Memorial Day weekend my family and I all met up at my cousins house and my cousins live in a suburb of Chicago, so this Saturday we all went to downtown Chicago to see the sights ans spend time in the city and it was really really fun. I love Detroit-- obviously I just did a project about the city for a whole entire year and Detroit is rebounding but it is nothing like Chicago. The city of Chicago is in a lot better shape than Detroit is but I did discover in Chicago something that Detroit does have.

I am proud to be from Detroit even though I wasn't born in and don't live in Detroit city proper-- my cousins don't have that same pride for the city of Chicago. Maybe it is because they don't live in an inner ring suburb or maybe they are just proud to be from their city. But I have realized that Detroit does have a lot of pride, I think that because we have had so many people tearing us down that we have all gotten stronger and come together.

So while Detroit may not have all the amazing things that Chicago, New York and Los Angles can boast about we do have a pride that can not be replaced that keeps us strong.

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy this picture of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Campus Maritus in Detroit!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


These past few weeks have been dedicated to working on my end of the year presentation that we everyone doing this project has to give. This is also the week of AP Tests so mu life has been a little stressful lately. I have put together a slideshow for my presentation which was hard because I have so may great pictures and fun facts that I could choose from. While some people don;t have enough photos for their slideshows I have too many. I will probably be changing out my slides, adding new ones and mixing them around until the actual day that I will be giving the presentation.

I also have to work on A. Making my presentation interesting and B. Making sure that my presentation is no just about all the cool historical facts that I think are cool but also the big theme of my project.  I feel like I am writing and essay, I have a ton of content but not enough analysis. I know and I have learned through this project that Detroit is an amazing city that has a lot to offer, even though what is has may not be right on the surface. I am working on finding a good way to help convince my audience that they/you/we all need to look for what is under the surface in every aspect of our lives. We can't go around listening to what other people say and accepting that as the truth.  Because first impressions are usually wrong and when you really get to know someone then usually they are pretty great, and once I got to know all the great things about Detroit, I've learned that it is pretty great too.

This is a video of Michigander, Mike Posner's song Top of the World and the music video features a ton of Detroit land marks and the Red Wings own Pavel Datsyuk!

So here are some of the pictures that I look what was a really long time ago at Eastern Market and Belle Isle that I finally figured out how to upload on the computer:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Eastern Market

Last weekend my dad and I went down to Eastern Market because it was 70 degrees outside (not anymore:/) and it was amazing. There are so many people there and it was really cool to see that there are a lot of people that are willing to take the time to help support the local community. There were a bunch of people wearing shirts that said Detroit and shirts  for all our sports teams. There were bands playing and people petitioning. I also got food from a food truck for the first time and it was amazing. The food truck was call El Guapo Grill, which means the "good looking grill".  It was Mexican food and it was delicious, it was also fun to help support a local business. The energy around Eastern Market is great, it's a ton of people happy to be downtown and supporting the place where they come from. Eastern Market is America's largest outdoor historical market and a lot I people don't realize what a great place it is to go. 

I do have picture of all this but they were taken on my mom's camera and I am not entirely sure how to load them on the computer, so when I figure that out I will be able to post them all here!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ah I have no idea what to call this post!

This week we have been asked I think a lot on what our project has really been about and while I have an idea, I am not really 100% what I want to tell people and what I have learned about myself thought this project. I have learned a ton about Detroit which is on the surface why my project is about. There are tons of crazy, funny and inspirational stories throughout the history of Detroit and I want to show people that Detroit is more than just what you see on the news or hear on the Internet. 

While what I am trying to tell people, not judge something before you really experience it, is not original or unique, I am. Even in my hometown, which is right next to Detroit tons of people don't care about the city or only care about the sports, even some of my best friends. Through all my research and exploring I have gotten to love the city even more than I alread do and I think that if other people dig a little deeper they will love he city too. What everyone hears on the TV, radio and Internet is not what Detroit is all about. It is a city full of passion, excitement, great history and people. 

When people take the time to get to know someone or something how they feel about it can turn around. What someone in Chicago and what I think about Detroit are completely different and  just because people have heard things about Detroit does not make it an awful city. Detroit may be down, but don't count it out. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Where I come from…

This week has been a little slow on the research and the project in general. I have however started on researching the people that I have listed form Detroit and it has npbeen really interesting. I've learned about Joe Louis, Coleman Young and others who are an inspiration to the city. There are a lot of really cool things happening and a lot of great people in Detroit that go unnoticed because the news the people talk about in a Detroit is always bad. 

This past weekend I got a chance to go to Gleaners Food Bank with my church and it was a really great opportunity to help out in the city. There were a lot of elope from my church and from clubs at my school. We got to help out an amazing organization that helps a ton of people across the metro it Detroit region. After working we went out to lunch at a place called Green Dot Stables and it was great!  It was really cool to see a place like that, that is proud of being form Detroit and the city. 

As we were driving home, it was a really nice day so we decided to drive Belle Isle for a little while and I got to take a really cool picture with the Detroit skyline: 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pewabic Pottery

This week I did a ton of research, which is great for my project, but kind of boring to blog about. I have decided to dedicate at least a portion of the time in my tutorial to working on the project. Doing this I have gotten a ton or research done. I have been able to cross off a bunch of things on my list that I just haven't gotten around to researching. I learned all about the Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit River and the Detroit Windsor Tunnel. Along with all of these I also went through a history of Detroit and got at ton of people and places to learn about.

Yesterday I also got a chance to go to Pewabic Pottery on Jefferson in Detroit. Pewabic Pottery was founded in 1903 by Mary Chase Perry Sttratton. It is the Midwest's only historic pottery and still makes pottery today. Some places where the pottery can be found are the Guardian Building in Detroit, the Nebraska State Capitol, the National Shrine of Immaculate Concepcion in Washington D.C., Comerica Park and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

We got to walk all around the pottery, see all the tiles and products they have for sale and we got to see people at working making vases and other pottery for sale. We also go to see a museum that the pottery has dedicated to the past and present artists working there.

What was really cool about the pottery was all the Detroit merchandise that they had. I have a tile with an Old English D on it and my mom has one with the Michigan mitten on it. We also have a Pewabic Pottery Michigan Christmas ornament. They also had a bunch of tiles with Detroit landmarks on them like the Joe Louis fist and the Ambassador Bridge. It was special to see how much they were supporting Detroit and how they were proud of where they come from.